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Do Feminism and Plastic Surgery Mix?
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Feminism and Plastic Surgery
23 May 2015 - 23:05, by , in Beauty and Wellness, 1 comment

Why do many feminists cringe at the thought of cosmetic surgery? Do you struggle with your own longing for cosmetic surgery because of the fear of giving up what you stand for?

I have a very good friend that encouraged me to not use the word “feminist” in my blog. Why? Because it is associated with so much negativity. Sadly, the word has lost its true meaning and its value somewhere along the way.

So what does the term Feminism stand for? Here are my 2-cents on the subject:

  • The common goal of reaching gender equality and to raise awareness about women’s and girl’s struggles around the globe with their male and female counterparts.
  • A feminist stands for human rights across the board and around the world, especially for children of both genders.
  • I believe that a feminist stands for the equal opportunity for all to pursue their dreams of education or otherwise.
  • A feminist wants to see the world change its views on girls and women and start appreciating them for their intelligence, education, endurance, strength, hard work and talent but not solely by their appearance.
  • A feminist believes that women and girls have the right to decide their own future.
  • Finally, (because I could go on and on) a feminist believes that women have the right to do what they believe is right for their own body.

Feminism and Plastic Surgery

As a feminist in the field of aesthetics, I have to say that the terminologies used to describe some of the aesthetic procedures have a negative effect on me. They sound objectifying and they put down the person who wants to undergo these procedures. “Mommy makeover” “Boob job”. These are just a couple of the terminologies commonly used and they sound demeaning. These terms are used for marketing purposes and are sometimes even used by the physicians themselves.

What do we as experts want to promote? Is it a well-rounded treatment for both genders that will boost confidence, promote a healthy lifestyle and result in beauty and radiance on the outside? Or is it to promote a quick fix that is solely superficial and does not enhance self-confidence in the long run? Why? Because the results don’t last and other problems arise that will need a quick fix too?

Med Spa Patient / Doctor Relationship

Feminists fear that any type of plastic surgery and aesthetic procedure will objectify women and girls. As a feminist I too condemn the objectification of girls and women but at the same time I believe that women have the right to make that judgment for themselves. I also believe that the physicians and aesthetic experts have the obligation to educate and engage in thorough conversations with the patients before a decision is made about undergoing any kind of aesthetic procedures, surgical or non. The reasons for coming into our spas for service vary greatly and we as experts need to know those reasons. Get to know your patients and be sincere.

mommy makeover dallas


Know Your “Why”

I know that many feminists have a hard time when they themselves start contemplating cosmetic surgery. I have a close friend that struggled because she felt that she was betraying her feminist ideology when she wanted to have a breast augmentation surgery. She had given natural birth to 3 beautiful children. She embraced motherhood and everything that came with it, weight gain and loss of her plump breasts but after a while she started to think why shouldn’t she have the surgery if she wanted to. She felt it would make her happier.

I think it is important for anyone who is contemplating plastic surgery to think about “why” they are doing it. And like I stated before I believe that the physicians should know the “why” as well so that they can give the right advise and the right support.

My Med Spa in Dallas AND My Feminism

Med Spa Dallas

I myself struggled with the decision to open a Medical Spa (that’s me behind the counter with a new patient). How can I promote beautifying remedies for men and women and be a feminist at the same time?

My view is this: I respect women’s rights to make their own decisions about their own bodies and their lives…but with a twist. What I decided to do was something very different from the others.

At Beauty and Wellness MedSpa we promote healthy and rejuvenating remedies that have a long lasting effect on your overall mental happiness and physical appearance. Our motto is simple:

“If you are healthy and well, it will reflect on the outside.”

I hope I was able to put your mind a little at ease when it comes to your own struggles with cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering a rejuvenating remedy and have questions, feel free to schedule a consultation with us. We want you to be fully informed so you feel comfortable with your decision.

Love yourself and love your body and make it a lifestyle decision when choosing your Med Spa and choose wisely.

To your beauty and wellness,


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Good article!

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